Total Screamers Podcast

Total Screamers is a football-based comedy podcast co-hosted by Simmo, Jake, Ged, Paul & Billy! Join us as we laugh our way through the week's Premier Leagues antics and argue our friendship away for the sake of entertainment.

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April 14, 2021

Total Screamers #62 Same Old Screamers - VAR Is In The Mud

This is the second episode of our new partnership and weekly show with The Same Old Arsenal! Watch along live on The Same Old Ars…

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April 12, 2021

Total Screamers #61 Premier League Youngsters 11

Ged, Paul & Billy a back to discuss our most recent polls of best under 23's in the Premie League! @Total…

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April 9, 2021

Total Screamers #60 Champions League Show

Jake, Paul & Ged are back with our Champions League Show! On the show this week - Jude Bellingham gets done by VAR, Liverpool hav…

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April 7, 2021

Total Screamers #59 Same Old Screamers - Meet The New Boys

This is the first episode of our new partnership and weekly show with The Same Old Arsenal! Watch along live on The Same Old Arse…

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April 4, 2021

Total Screamers #58 Head Performance Analyst St Mirren FC - Allen Mc…

In this episode, Simmo & Jake sit down with Head Performance Analyst of St Mirren FC, Allen McDougall. We talk about Allen's jour…

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March 31, 2021

Total Screamers #57 Caversham United Interview

Simmo & Jake sit down with the main men (Joe & Paul) of the mighty Caversham United! Caversham United are no ordinary Sunday Lea…

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About the Hosts

James Simpson

Co-founder & Host

Fun fact - I’ve always hated writing about myself.

I’ll keep it short and sweet, I’m sure no one is here to read my autobiography so here come the bullet points.

I am 26 years old from Glasgow.
ST Mirren & Liverpool fan.
I mostly talk about Premier League football but I do like to keep up to date on football from around the world.
I’ve served over 8 years in the British army, it’s the only real job I’ve ever had!

In terms of what I do for The Total Screamers Podcast, I do all the tech stuff like production, editing & website management (which makes me sound like a good laugh declaring that this is what I do in my spare time!)


Jake Corfield

Co-founder & Host


I’m Jake, a full-time member of the Total Screamers Podcast, for some reason Simmo put me in charge of booking guests and using Twitter! I’m 25 and a medic in the Royal Navy, where I met Simmo all those years ago!

Liverpool Fan from birth thanks to my Dad who was born and raised on the Kop during the glory days, thankfully he saved me from becoming an Everton fan like my Mum.

Ged Clarke


I’m Ged, A Host of The Total Screamers Podcast, bringing to the table the occasional good insight on Premier League football and a shared love of Big Sam!

I’m a Coventry City fan and a general lover of all things football-related, especially football shirts!

I also manage Total Screamers Facebook and Instagram accounts!

Emma Ashley


My job for the Screamers is to keep Simmo in check daily, in all seriousness when the gents asked me to be their match coverage writer, I jumped at the chance, growing up in a household where all my family watched football, we watched pretty much every game whether it was SPFL/Premier League/La Liga, etc. - Match of the Day was a highlight chilling with a glass of milk & cookies with Papa. Good times

Paul Bourke

Writer & Host

I'm Paul from Dublin and the newest addition to the Total Screamers team.

I'm a Liverpool fan and always happy to talk about anything football related. I work as a content writer so the dream is to start working as a football writer eventually.

Billy Powell


I’m Billy, 19 and a long suffering fan of Aston Villa who moved to Barcelona in 2015. I like to think that I’ve got a good knowledge of football. I mainly focus on the Premier League but I also like to pay attention to football from all over the world.

I’m the host of the Let’s Talk Football Podcast but I moved to The Total Screamers Podcast on a 6 month loan until the end of the season as a last minute Deadline Day signing.