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About the Hosts

James Simpson

Co-founder & Host

Fun fact - I’ve always hated writing about myself.

I’ll keep it short and sweet, I’m sure no one is here to read my autobiography so here come the bullet points.

I am 26 years old from Glasgow.
ST Mirren & Liverpool fan.
I mostly talk about Premier League football but I do like to keep up to date on football from around the world.
I’ve served over 8 years in the British army, it’s the only real job I’ve ever had!

In terms of what I do for The Total Screamers Podcast, I do all the tech stuff like production, editing & website management (which makes me sound like a good laugh declaring that this is what I do in my spare time!)


Jake Corfield

Co-founder & Host


I’m Jake, a full-time member of the Total Screamers Podcast, for some reason Simmo put me in charge of booking guests and using Twitter! I’m 25 and a medic in the Royal Navy, where I met Simmo all those years ago!

Liverpool Fan from birth thanks to my Dad who was born and raised on the Kop during the glory days, thankfully he saved me from becoming an Everton fan like my Mum.

Ged Clarke


I’m Ged, A Host of The Total Screamers Podcast, bringing to the table the occasional good insight on Premier League football and a shared love of Big Sam!

I’m a Coventry City fan and a general lover of all things football-related, especially football shirts!

I also manage Total Screamers Facebook and Instagram accounts!

Paul Bourke

Writer & Host

I'm Paul from Dublin and the newest addition to the Total Screamers team.

I'm a Liverpool fan and always happy to talk about anything football related. I work as a content writer so the dream is to start working as a football writer eventually.

Billy Powell


I’m Billy, 19, and a long-suffering fan of Aston Villa who moved to Barcelona in 2015. I like to think that I’ve got a good knowledge of football. I mainly focus on the Premier League but I also like to pay attention to football from all over the world.

I’m the host of the Let’s Talk Football Podcast but I moved to The Total Screamers Podcast on a last-minute Deadline Day signing.

Adam Murphy

Total Liverpool Podcast Host

I’m Adam Murphy, I’m 22 and have been a Liverpool fan for as long as I remember (despite half my family being United & Arsenal fans)

I also have a huge passion for all things Premier League & NBA, you may see me chatting waffle on the odd occasion at The RedmenTV & now on here too!

David Watts

Host Total Liverpool Podcast

I'm Deej, or David, 30 years old and distantly related to the Nolan sisters, so I'm always in the mood for dancing.

For a job, I write websites you buy stuff from.

I was born a few months after Liverpool's last title before 19-20 and have been a fan all my life. My family is split between the red and blue side of Liverpool, with a few outliers (my older brother is a united fan somehow 🤮). I'm quite fond of getting carried away with unrealistic transfer rumors and making videos on hard footy manager saves!